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"Understanding the ABCs of Home Insurance: What You Need to Know"

Home insurance, like auto insurance, has many facets. Not every company is suitable for every home. The first thing in home insurance is whether you own your home or buy your home, whether the home is an investment property or primary residence, whether you rent this property from someone else, or whether the property is a condominium.

The next thing is if it is a home, determining the type of home, whether it is a mobile home/trailer, single-family home, manufactured home, adobe, triangle/pyramid, etc.

Next is whether you need to repair the home, the length of coverage you have in your history, and the number of claims you and this property each have.

Does the property have a pool, trampoline, or pets, and are these fenced and meeting proper insurance coverage needs? Also, when was the last time the plumbing, roof, air conditioning, and electrical were updated, and what were the types of heat sources? How close are any trees to the house, and what is the height of the trees?

Medical costs are also significant as they cover anyone injured on the property unless they were injured in the act of a crime.

Value of the property and the contents and any other building around.

Lastly, ensure the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured when you get work done. Your policy is not required to cover any damage or injury if this is not in place and verified.

Flood zones are updated constantly, and if you fall into a flood zone, it is best to have coverage because the chances are getting larger that you will need it. FEMA builds flood maps and uses data on recent flooding to determine where to add and remove.

Home Insurance


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